Main Responsibilities

Responsible for the construction of natural language processing platform, product development, and the exploration of cutting-edge technology in medical field.

  1. Formulate medium and long-term R&D plans according to the company’s development strategy. Lead and participate in the design of technology and product roadmap.
  2. Build up an engineer team and lead members to design and implement technical models in related application fields, and to establish platforms for internal standard data processing procedures.
  3. Lead innovative development of dual-mode fusion of graphics and text. Explore innovative applications such as diagnosis and treatment decision support.
  4. Provide AI solutions to meet needs of requirements, functions, design, integration, testing and implementation.
  5. Lead the team to assists in the research and transformation of scientific research projects to industrial products.

Qualification Requirements

  1. Have been long engaged in researches in natural language processing, machine learning, data mining and other related fields, and have in-depth research and insights in this field.
  2. Familiar with medical industry. Keen on the research and development of NLP technology in medical and health field, and have certain understanding of image analysis.
  3. Engaged in R&D of artificial intelligence technology in well-known enterprises, universities, and research institutions domestic or abroad, and served as technical leader for many years and achieved good R&D results.
  4. Strategical thinking, excellent in technological innovation, and be good at using internal/external resources to achieve results.
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