Main Responsibilities

  1. Plan, design, implement and optimize the front-end platform of AI medical imaging system.
  2. Participate in product requirement analysis and design, responsible for front-end architecture analysis, system design and module division.
  3. Responsible for core module scheme, code review and refactoring, evolution and maintenance of system architecture.
  4. Responsible for tackling technical difficulties, reviewing technical solutions, and optimizing development processes.
  5. Formulate development specifications and build engineering systems to improve development efficiency and product quality.
  6. Conduct research and follow up advanced front-end technology.

Qualification Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 8 years’ experience in front-end R&D and front-end architecture design.
  2. Solid experience in front-end architecture design, performance optimization, componentization and modularization, system reconstruction, and large-scale Web project.
  3. Proficient in front-end technologies such as HTML/CSS/Javascript and one mainstream framework.
  4. Familiar with front-end engineering concepts. Solid experience in building tools.
  5. Enthusiasm and self-driven for technology, resistance to pressure, excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  6. Excellent systematic thinking. Enthusiasm for long-term development in medical imaging AI.
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